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New Clearance Levels 4-1-17
Ohio Lead Abatement Classes


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Combine EPA-OSHA - Monthly - Discounts
EPA - Class Date to combined
Student Name, Address Phone #

*** Effective August 01, 2017, 
Students will be responsible for providing their own lunch 

Replacement Certification Fees are:
$20.00 for (e-mailed copy), Office Pickup $25.00 or $30.00 for (mailed copy)
no exception!

Replacement Certification
Student Name
Student Address & Phone Number

Classes Payment Link is at the Bottom of the Page!

****** Reminder Per Ohio Department Of Health******
Refresher Class Expiration Date
is based on your last class expiration date
not your license renewal date


Check the BHE, LLC Page for State Grant Program sites/a2/a249ead57241994da8f24baeb591e158/attachments/File/31-substitute-w-9.pdfDiscounted Classes,
Only the classes listed on BHE page are discounted:


Residents of Summit County, can be 
reimbursed for Lead Classes by contacting

Renee M. Dell, R.S., LRA - Program Coordinator
Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Summit County Public Health
1867 W. Market St., Akron, OH 44313
Direct Office: 330-926-5631 - Cell:  330-808-6829 - EH Division Reception:  330-926-5600

Environmental Health Service Desk Hours: weekdays from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm - Ms. Dell's -  Regular working hours: Tuesday through Friday 7:00am-3:00 pm

Must submitted Below Forms to be Reimbursed:


(Check The License Requirement Before Registering For Class)

Lianna Development Corporation
Regular Prices 
Lead Abatement
Classes located Below:

Location: 650 Eva Ave., Akron, Ohio 44306
Times:08:00 to 5:00 PM

Lead Abatement Worker $500.00
Initial Class

Lead Abatement Contractor Supervisor $795.00
Initial Class

Cancelled - November 06 to 10,2017 - Monday to Friday
Contractor Supervisor - Initial Class Payment: 

Lead Abatement Contractor Supervisor Initial
Student Name
Student Address & Phone Number

Lead Abatement Contractor Supervisor $210.00 Refresher Classes
October 10 ,2017 - Tuesday
December 07 ,2017 - Thursday

Contractor Supervisor - Refresher Class Payment:

Lead Abatement Contractor Supervisor Refresher
Student Name
Student Address & Phone Number

Lead Abatement Inspector $500.00
Initial Class

October 16 to 18,2017 - Monday to Wednesday
Inspector - Initial - (Inspectors can take Risk Assessor Refresher Class to Renew Their Licenses)
Lead Inspector Initial
Student Name
Student Address & Phone Number

Lead Abatement Risk Assessor $295.00
Initial Class

October 19 to 20,2017 - Thursday to Friday

Risk Assessor - Initial  

Lead Risk Assessor Initial
Student Name
Student Address & Phone Number


Combine Inspector/Risk Assessor - Initial - (Total 5 Days)
(If taking both classes, use this link, to pay for both)
October 16 to 20,2017 - Monday to Friday

Combine Inspector/Risk Assessor Initial
Student Name
Student Address & Phone Number

Lead Abatement Risk Assessor $210.00
Refresher Class

August 24,2017 - Thursday
October 25,2017 - Wednesday
December 06,2017 - Thursday

Risk Assessor - Refresher

Lead Abatement Risk Assessor Refresher
Student Name
Student Address & Phone Number

Hud Second Edition Guideline - 2012
HUD Complete Guideline - 2012
2012 HUD Guidelines Forms


Lead Based Paint Visual Assessment Training Course


Revised Dust-Lead Action Levels
for Risk Assessment and Clearances;

Effective April 1, 2017, all existing OLHCHH LBPHC and LHRD grantees will use the
following lead dust hazard and clearance action levels
(or lower levels if required by their state
New Lead Dust Hazard Action Levels:
Floors: ≥ 10 μg/ft2
Window Sills: ≥ 100 μg/ft2
New Lead Clearance Action Levels:
Interior Floors: < 10 μg/ft2
Porch Floors: < 40 μg/ft2
Window Sills: < 100 μg/ft2
Window Troughs: < 100 μg/ft2

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